"Saying" and "Doing" are two different things. At Confide, we take the time to truly understand our clients financial aspirations and we help them create a plan to achieve these goals. Our aim is always to be our clients most trusted financial partner.

Our Services
Traditional Banking

Our bread and butter is lending. If you have a unique structure, a difficult request or are a non-resident we'd love to hear from you. If your loan is more straight forward but you want better service; even better, we can show you why our clients keep coming back.

Debt Advisory

Sometimes you just need a second opinion. If you want a second set of eyes on your loan to see if your structure, terms and conditions are commercial we will be very happy to help. We can provide you with the peace of mind that you have the best deal or help you to improve your deal.

Development Feasibility

Developments are complicated endeavors. Each stage is integral to the success of the overall project. If you need to spend more time on site identification or project management, we have the skills and experience to step in and handle project feasibility and finance outcomes.